How does your library ensure access, equity advocacy and in the 21st Century?

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Other Comments

You are concerned about a new digital divide:
those who can effectively find quality information
in all media formats, and those who cannot.

You are concerned about a new digital divide:
those who have access to the new tools
for creation and publishing and those who
do not.

You consider just-in-time, just-for-me learning
as your responsibility and are proud that you
own real estate your students’ desktops
and mobile devices 24/7.

You grapple with issues of equity. You provide
open source alternatives to students and
teachers who need them. You lend flash
sticks and laptops and cameras and . . .
You ensure your students can easily get
to the stuff they most need by using
kid-friendly terms and by creating pathfinders.

You ensure that all students have access to
readings appropriate for their differentiated needs
and offer books in a variety of formats.

You know that one-to-one classrooms will
change your teaching logistics. You realize you will
often have to partner and teach in classroom
teachers’ classrooms. You will teach virtually.
You will be available across and outside the
school via email and chat.

You don’t stop at “no.” You fight for the rights
of students to have and use the tools they need.
This is an equity issue. Access to the new
tools is an intellectual freedom issue.