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How do you reach, connect and collaborate with your community, and how do they do the same with others in the 21st Century?

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Other Comments

You recognize that the work your students
create has audience and that they may
share newly constructed knowledge globally
on powerful networks,. You help them
see that they have the potential to
make social, cultural, and political impact.

You recognize that learners may share their
ideas and participate in dialogs beyond the
walls of the library or classroom.

You exploit the cloud as a strategy
for student collaboration, sharing and publishing.

You share with students their responsibilities
for participating in social networks.

You see teleconferencing tools like Skype
as ways to open your library to authors, experts,
book discussion, debates, and more.
Consider starting by examining
Skype an Author Network.

You use new tools for collaboration. Your students
create together, They synthesize information,
enhance their writing through peer review and
negotiate content in blogs and wikis and using
tools like GoogleDocs, Flickr, Voicethread,
Animoto and a variety of other writing or
mind mapping and storytelling tools.

You help students create their own networks
for learning and extracurricular activities.