How does your space reflect the 21st Century?

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You know your physical space is about books
and way more than books. Your space is a
libratory. You welcome, and create space for,
media production—podcasting, video production,
storytelling–producing and presenting.

You welcome and host telecommunications
events and group gathering for planning and
research and social networking.

You cope with ubiquity. No, you learn to love it.
Ubiquity changes everything. In one-to-one schools,
students may visit the library less frequently.
In such environments, in all modern, truly relevant
environments, library must also be ubiquitous.
Library MUST be everywhere. Librarians must teach
everywhere, in and outside of the library.

You realize you will often have to partner and teach
in classroom teachers’ classrooms. One-to-one
classrooms change your teaching logistics.

You know that laptops can actually walk back
to the library for its space and additional
resources in all formats.

You teach virtually. You are available across the
school via email and chat.