How are you developing your collection in the 21st Century?

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Other Comments

You expand your notion of collection.

You no longer strive for the standard catalog,
long-tail, just-in-case approach. In tight times,
with shared catalogs and easy online purchasing,
a just-in-time approach is far more effective.
You build your own collection collaboratively, with an
understanding of the strengths and weaknesses
of the available collections around you.
Discovery College : Use a wishlist for students (soon to be electronic) Teachers request resources (will also be able to put into wishlist)

Collection should include: ebooks, audiobooks,
open source software, streaming media,
flash drives, digital video cameras, laptops,
tripods, RSS feeds, and much more! And we
should seek effective, federated approaches to
ensure these diverse formats and platforms are
equally and seamlessly accessible.

You involve your community in collection building
using interactive polls and web-based suggestion forms.

You understand that library is not just a place to
get stuff, it is a place to make stuff, collaborate on
and share stuff. Not a grocery store, but a kitchen!

Your collection–on- and offline–includes student work.
You use digital publishing tools to help students
share and celebrate their written and artistic work.