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Other Comments

You unpack the good stuff you carried from your
20th century trunk. Rigor, and inquiry, and high
expectations, and information and media fluency
matter no matter what the medium. So do
excitement, engagement, and enthusiasm.

You lead. And you look ahead for what is coming
down the road. You continually scan the landscape.
As the information and communication landscapes
continue to shift, do you know where you are going?
You plan for change. Not for yourself, not just for
the library, but for the building, for your learners.

You see the big picture and let others see you seeing it.
It’s about learning and teaching. It’s about engagement.
If you are seen only as the one who closes up for
inventory, as the book chaser, and NOT as the CIO,
the inventor, the creative force, you won’t be seen
as a big picture person.

You continue to retool and learn.

You represent our brand (who the teacher-librarian is)
as a 21st century information professional.
What does the information professional look like today?
Ten years from today? If you do not develop strong vision,
your vision will be usurped by the visions of others.
You will not be able to lead from the center.

You enjoy what you do and let others know it.
It’s always better when you do what you love.
(If you don’t love this new library world,
find something else to do.)

You continue to consider and revise your vision
and feed it with imagination. Think outside the box.
Heck, there is no box!