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How do you make an impact on the teaching and learning in your school?

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You are figuring out how to be present for your
learners and teachers 24/7, at the point of the
information, research, or communication need.
Ubiquity changes everything. With computers in
every classroom and every home, heck with computers
in every pocket, how are you going to share
your wisdom and collaborate?

You understand that learning can (and should) be playful.

You understand that learning should be authentic

You understand that learning can be multi-modal,
media-rich, customized to the needs of individual learners.

You know the potential new technologies offer for
interaction–learners as both information consumers
and producers. You understand that in this world
learners have the power to create and share knowledge.

You are concerned that, when it matters,
your students move beyond information satisficing.
They make solid information decisions.

You are concerned that students learn to evaluate,
to triangulate information in all media formats.
We must guide them in an increasingly complex world,
to make information decisions, to evaluate all their
information choices, including books, blogs, wikis,
streamed media, whatever comes next.

You are concerned and excited about what you can
do that Google or Wikipedia cannot. What customized
services and instruction will you offer that will
not be outsourced to Bangalore?

You continually share new understandings of searching,
and evaluation, and analysis and synthesis, and digital
citizenship, and communication, integrating and
modeling our new standards, dispositions
and common beliefs.

You understand that exploration and freedom are
key to engaging students in a virtual environment
to promote independent learning.

You know the potential new technologies offer
for interaction–learners as both information
consumers and creative information producers.

You ensure that the library provides an independent
learning environment that connects students
and teachers in a social, digital, community.