This rubric was set up using Jennifer LaGarde's idea of creating a common rubric for mapping out what people are doing in their libraries in her district which are reflective of a 21st Century School Library based on the

**Manifesto for 21st Century School Librarians**

created by Joyce Valenza October 2010

"Well into the 21st century, it is clear that the concept of modern teacher librarian practice is not clear. There is no textbook for what effective practice looks like in continually morphing information and communication landscapes. In the past few years many of us have re-imagined school library for learners using the array of new tools and abilities in front of us today. And in my humble opinion some aspects of emerging practice are nonnegotiable." - Joyce Valenza

Let us make it clear what we do, how we affect learning, support teaching, and how we play an important and integral role in our schools.
Please add what you are doing in your school to reflect the 21st Century learning environment, so we can see what is happening in HK across the English medium schools. If you have yet to move into this direction and are unsure of how to do it, maybe what others have and are doing will be an inspiration for you.

21C Reading Promotion
21C Information Landscape
21C Communication and Publishing and Storytelling
21C Collection Development
21 Facilities, your physical space
21C Access , Equity, Advocacy
21C Audience and Collaboration
21C Copyright, Copyleft and Information Ethics
21C New Technology Tools
21C Professional Development and Professionalism
21C Teaching and Learning and Reference
21C Into the Future (acknowledging the best of the past)