The Association of Librarians in English Speaking Schools in Hong Kong

The mission of ALESS is to function as a networking association providing professional support and sharing of knowledge and resources.

Membership is open to those who have an interest in the success of school libraries in Hong Kong and around the world.

How to join the Association of Librarians in English Speaking Schools in HK (ALESS)

If you are working in HK in a school library, you are most welcome to apply for membership and voting rights in ALESS through the Yahoo site here. If you are outside of Hong Kong you may apply for non-voting membership. Please submit your full name and the full name of the school you are working at (not just the initials) for your application to be considered. You will also need to create a Yahoo ID and allow it to be made public so your details can be seen on the Yahoo site members page. This wiki is just one of the places we share information, the listerve through yahoo groups is the main form of communication. In addition you may peruse the ALESS Facebook page here.


The ALESS wiki is open and available to the public to view and access but you need to be a member to add or edit files. If you would like to contribute in this way but you are not yet a member, please make application as above by contacting the wiki administrator and indicate which school you work at with your full name and email address. Thank you for visiting!