Association of Librarians in English Speaking Schools in Hong Kong
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Friday, August 31, 2007

Dear Principal,

As joint coordinators of ALESS, we write to share the aims of the organisation and encourage you to support the involvement of your library staff.

Our major aim is to provide professional support and share innovative ideas among librarians in Hong Kong’s English speaking schools.

More specifically, we aim to:

• promote awareness and enjoyment of literature and the development of information literacy
• provide a supportive network for people working in school libraries in international schools
• provide professional development for our members
• raise the profile of school libraries in international schools
• raise awareness of Librarians and Teacher Librarians in international schools

We meet on a rotational basis once a month in members’ libraries. Our meetings begin at 4.00 and finish at about 5.30. An agenda is posted by the host school one week before the meeting.

We firmly believe in the potential of libraries to improve school life and outcomes. In fact, a recent research report noted:

A substantial body of research since 1990 clearly demonstrates the importance of school libraries to students' education. Whether student achievement is measured by standardized reading achievement tests or by global assessments of learning, research shows that a well-stocked library staffed by a certified library media specialist has a positive impact on student achievement, regardless of the socio-economic or educational levels of the community. (Research Foundation Paper, 2006, p. 10 from

As you know, school libraries are no longer just about books, but have become much more sophisticated. They now offer a full range of print and electronic resources in order to provide equal learning opportunities for all students. However, libraries can only help students fulfill their potential when staffed by qualified professionals trained to collaborate with teachers and engage students meaningfully with information that matters.

We hope that you support ALESSHK in 2006/7 through encouraging your library staff to participate fully in our professional meetings.

The meetings for the next school year are, as follows:

Date Venue
Tues 18 Sept
Canadian International School

Fri 12 Oct

Wed 14 Nov

Tues 15 Ja

Wed 13 Feb
Clearwater Bay

Tues 15 April
Shatin College

Wed 21 May

Mon 28 May

Yours sincerely,

Co-ordinators name